Starclub Safety and Communications

7th March 2017 Ref: 2017/SCA/002

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Student Safety, Security and Communication

1. Access To The School

We want to keep our school safe for our students. After 9.00 am, all visitors must register at the Security Guard Post at the front gate. All visitors will be issued a Visitor Pass for easy identification by staff and students. They should wear the Visitor Pass clearly while in school and proceed to the General Office where the office staff can attend to their needs.

2. Morning Drop-Off
Due to constraints of space and for the safety of our pupils, only authorised school vehicles are allowed to enter the school compound. Parents who choose to drive their children to the school should drop them off at the school gate. Students should enter the school via the front pedestrian gate, and not via the vehicle access gate. Parents should not park in front of the main gate as it will hinder traffic flow and obstruct authorised vehicles from turning safely into the school. On days of heavy rain, all vehicles are allowed to enter the school. All drivers must exhibit greater care and patience while driving in the school premises. Please keep to the speed limit of 15 km/h and follow the directions given by the security guards, teachers and parent volunteers.

Unauthorised vehicles will not be allowed into the school car-park.

3. Safety Around The School
Students entering the school should walk towards the building porch as directed by staff and security officers. Running across the parking area is strictly prohibited.

4. School Dismissal
All students may only depart from school via the front gate. For the safety of all students, parents should wait along the pavement just outside the front pedestrian gate. The gate will be opened only at 3.00 pm and 5.00 pm for students to leave. Students will only be allowed to leave when their
parents/guardians are at the gate to receive them. Secondary school students who are traveling to and from school on their own will need a written note from their parents informing the school on their children’s mode of travel. For safety reasons, visits to the nearby petron kiosk between 3.00 pm and 3.30 pm are strictly not allowed.

On days of heavy rain, parents will be allowed to drive into the school to pick up their children.

5. Early Dismissal for Pupils who are Unwell
When students are unwell, our staff will contact their parents. Parents will need to come to school to pick up their children. Parents are to proceed to the General office where our staff will be able to render assistance.

6. Insurance
The school will provide insurance coverage for all students. If parents need to claim insurance for their children due to an accident in the school, they may contact the office staff. Parents may choose to buy additional coverage for students on their own.

7. Communication with Teachers/School
If parents need to meet any teacher, they may call and make an appointment, or leave a note with their children for the teachers. If parents need to see the teacher without a prior appointment, they can report to the General Office. Our staff will make the necessary arrangements. In order not to disrupt the curriculum time, parents are encouraged to schedule appointments with the teachers only after school dismissal.

Should parents have any feedback, they may use the following channels of communication:

Subject/ Class Matters: Subject / Form Teachers, Please refer to individual teachers’ notes.

Curriculum / Exams: Ms Abby, Head of Curriculum Department, 012-3262137,

Student Affairs / Conduct: Ms Sita, Head of Student Affairs, 019-7566002,

School Operations / Security: Mr Yasir, Operation Manager, 011-27356342,

Administrative / Payment Matters: Ms Suba, Admin Coordinator, 017-7792994,

School Policies: Ms Sherine, Principal,

For emergency matters, parents may call anyone of the mobile numbers above or 011-28965151.

8. Contact Information
Parents are to notify the school promptly if there is a change of address and/or telephone numbers. The school records will be updated accordingly. In case of emergencies, such information is vital.

9. Notices/Circulars
Parents will be informed of school programmes and updates via written notices and circulars. Whatsapp messages may also be sent to parents through form teachers and the relevant department heads. Receipt of information may be indicated by way of submitting reply slips (like the onebelow) or replying ‘noted – Ref<******>’ through Whatsapp.

Students are expected to be alert and attentive and jot down information in their student handbook so that they can relate accurate information to their parents/guardians.

We thank you for your cooperation and continuous support.

In partnership,

Sherine Ben-Yahya
Head of School

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