Chinese New Year Celebration 2017

Principal’s Speech on CNY 2017 Celebration Day

Just last week, during our preparation for today’s celebration, a poster caught Mr Azhar’s and my attention. Its headline was: Happy Chicken New Year. I thought there was something seriously wrong and weird about it. Isn’t it supposed to be the year of the rooster? So we read the text of the poster and found out that The zodiac sign is Chicken or Rooster. However, on the Chinese Horoscope Calendar, 2017 is the Female Fire Chicken year, which comes only every 60 years. Hence, it is a very special year for us.

I learnt something from there…sometimes when we look at something strange and different…we have come to understand it more in order for us to appreciate it.

Children and youths, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome our new friends to the Starclub family. Those who have been with us…they truly understand the culture of Starclub.

The traits of a Starclub student – full of aspiration, confident, dare to be different, always aiming high, and will eventually achieve.

Yet, a Starclub student is humble, respects others regardless of who they are and always contributing to the peers, school and society in every way he or she can.

As a whole, Starclub values not only academic excellence but also positive and strong character that will take you a long way.

Here, today, we celebrate Chinese New Year, we celebrate our cultural differences, we celebrate togetherness.

My heartfelt wishes to the Chinese students and to all of you a happy Chicken New Year. I’m sure this year we are going to have a finger-licking good year.

Ms. Sherine, Principal

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