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Dear All:

We would like to get your feedback from the recent parent teacher meetings occurring on 22nd March 2019. Please “click” on the link here to access this form.

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“Explore The Inner Entrepreneur In You And Give It Your Best”
This fun-filled enrichment programme trains youths to develop an enterprising mindset, the key asset of a successful entrepreneur.
Through real-life scenarios, our budding entrepreneurs have the chance to sell their ideas and creations.
Join our team of competent and vibrant trainers from Singapore and U.S. for the fulfilling and wholesome experience.
From 10 to 14 Dec 2019, 9 am to 5 pm, non-residential
Venue: Starclub School (Jln Yahya Awal, Johor Bahru)
Fees: RM 890
For more enquiries and programme booking contact or email us at: +6011 3971 0080 / +65 8164 2124



Come and join us!

Enrichment & Academic Holiday Workshop (Conducted in English)

Suitable for Kids & Teens (Ages 7 – 16)

Loads of fun-filled and engaging activities throughout the day!

Our Holiday Programme consists of:

Sports Programme

Exposure and develop the fundamental techniques of different types of popular sports like futsal, badminton, archery etc. Get to learn the rudimentary of each game like the rules, basic footwork involving positioning & readiness.

Public Speaking (Presentation and Oral Communication in English)

Our workshop focuses on improving student’s confidence and fluency in spoken English with lots of speaking practice in our small sized classes.

Intensive Academic Preparation

Be well prepared for a new level next year through our intensive preparatory programme. Lessons are specially designed to equip students with a higher level of competence in core subjects like English, Maths & Science.

Creative Writing

Visualisation is a crucial skill which we need for planning and imaginative writing. This workshop teaches students to create powerful images, stories and ideas in their brains in order to increase their imagination storehouse and help them to access their ‘mind’s eye’ when learning and writing.

Computer skills

Learn basic computer and web programming. An enjoyable and accessible introduction to the fundamentals of programming.

And Many More!


Primary level     RM400 per week or RM750 for 2 weeks

Secondary level RM450 per week or RM850 for 2 weeks

Includes meals, tea breaks, course materials, admission fees, sports & other equipment

Students will each take home a certificate and a nice goodie bag at the end of the programme.


Duration:2 weeks, non-residential
Dates: 4 – 8 Dec, 11 Dec – 15 Dec
Time: 8.30am to 5pm
Venue: Starclub Education, No. 2, Lorong 1, Jln Yahya Awal, Johor Bahru (opposite of I.J. Convent School)
Additional 10% Discount for ‘Sibling Registration’!

Seats are limited. Please fill in the form at the back and return the portion to us together with the cash payment by 28th Nov2015. You may call us at 07-2244411 or simply sms/whatsapp us at 011-28965151 / 011-11985645 for all inquiries.

We Offer Quality Tuition Services!

Dear Parents,

Do you have kids studying in Singapore schools or International schools? Need tuition but unsure of the quality? Look no further. We are your most trusted Singapore and International syllabus tuition centre in Johor Bahru!

We are a bunch of experienced and highly qualified, ex-Singapore and International school teachers. We have more than 20 years of classroom & private teaching experience. We are passionate about teaching and dedicated towards our students’ academic success.

We are currently providing group tuition services in J.B. for primary and secondary school students who are studying in Singapore and International schools.

Subjects we offer:

Primary 1 – PSLE
– English
– Mathematics
– Science
– Mandarin
Monthly fees from RM100 – RM120 per subject

Secondary 1 – O’ Levels/IGCSE
– English
– E.Maths
– A.Maths
– Science
– Chemistry
– Physics
– Biology
Monthly fees from RM120 – RM150 per subject

AS/A2/A Level
– English
– Maths
– Chemistry
– Biology
– Physics
– Accounts
– Economics
– Business Studies
Monthly fees from RM150 – RM180 per subject

We will provide:
– A FREE Assessment and trial lessons
– An individual learning plan customised just for your child.
– A wide variety of resources and activities that cater to the individual learning styles of your child
– I.T assisted learning
– Tested & proven teaching methods
– Motivational techniques

About our lesson:
– 90 minute tutoring sessions
– Small groups (6-8 students)
– Structured learning programme
– Latest MOE syllabus & curriculum

We are located at No.2, Lorong 1, Starclub International, Jln Yahya Awal, Kg. Gertak Merah, Johor Bahru, just 5 minutes drive from CIQ!

We are more than happy to share with you on our students’ academic achievements especially for their PSLE and IGCSE/O’level exam results. Please call us fast to book an appointment. You may contact us at 07-2244411 or 017-7792994 (Ms. Suba) for a friendly discussion. Thank you for viewing.

Registration for 2018 Intake Is Now Open!

Registration for 2018 intake now open for Preschool to Secondary 4.

To register, please visit and complete our online application form. If you would rather, print out, complete and return our printable registration form.

You may also contact the Registrar, located at Starclub Education Admission Office.
Address: No.2, Lorong 1, Jln Yahya Awal. 80000, Johor Bahru
Tel: +60 722-4411

Note: When considering placement of a child, we thoroughly review the information provided by the child, parents, evidence from the previous school (school reports), and all other information submitted.

Our Admissions Advisors are happy to answer any enquiries regarding the school. After an enquiry is submitted, you will receive an acknowledgement, covering the next steps for the registration process.

Starclub Safety and Communications

7th March 2017 Ref: 2017/SCA/002

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Student Safety, Security and Communication

1. Access To The School

We want to keep our school safe for our students. After 9.00 am, all visitors must register at the Security Guard Post at the front gate. All visitors will be issued a Visitor Pass for easy identification by staff and students. They should wear the Visitor Pass clearly while in school and proceed to the General Office where the office staff can attend to their needs.

2. Morning Drop-Off
Due to constraints of space and for the safety of our pupils, only authorised school vehicles are allowed to enter the school compound. Parents who choose to drive their children to the school should drop them off at the school gate. Students should enter the school via the front pedestrian gate, and not via the vehicle access gate. Parents should not park in front of the main gate as it will hinder traffic flow and obstruct authorised vehicles from turning safely into the school. On days of heavy rain, all vehicles are allowed to enter the school. All drivers must exhibit greater care and patience while driving in the school premises. Please keep to the speed limit of 15 km/h and follow the directions given by the security guards, teachers and parent volunteers.

Unauthorised vehicles will not be allowed into the school car-park.

3. Safety Around The School
Students entering the school should walk towards the building porch as directed by staff and security officers. Running across the parking area is strictly prohibited.

4. School Dismissal
All students may only depart from school via the front gate. For the safety of all students, parents should wait along the pavement just outside the front pedestrian gate. The gate will be opened only at 3.00 pm and 5.00 pm for students to leave. Students will only be allowed to leave when their
parents/guardians are at the gate to receive them. Secondary school students who are traveling to and from school on their own will need a written note from their parents informing the school on their children’s mode of travel. For safety reasons, visits to the nearby petron kiosk between 3.00 pm and 3.30 pm are strictly not allowed.

On days of heavy rain, parents will be allowed to drive into the school to pick up their children.

5. Early Dismissal for Pupils who are Unwell
When students are unwell, our staff will contact their parents. Parents will need to come to school to pick up their children. Parents are to proceed to the General office where our staff will be able to render assistance.

6. Insurance
The school will provide insurance coverage for all students. If parents need to claim insurance for their children due to an accident in the school, they may contact the office staff. Parents may choose to buy additional coverage for students on their own.

7. Communication with Teachers/School
If parents need to meet any teacher, they may call and make an appointment, or leave a note with their children for the teachers. If parents need to see the teacher without a prior appointment, they can report to the General Office. Our staff will make the necessary arrangements. In order not to disrupt the curriculum time, parents are encouraged to schedule appointments with the teachers only after school dismissal.

Should parents have any feedback, they may use the following channels of communication:

Subject/ Class Matters: Subject / Form Teachers, Please refer to individual teachers’ notes.

Curriculum / Exams: Ms Abby, Head of Curriculum Department, 012-3262137,

Student Affairs / Conduct: Ms Sita, Head of Student Affairs, 019-7566002,

School Operations / Security: Mr Yasir, Operation Manager, 011-27356342,

Administrative / Payment Matters: Ms Suba, Admin Coordinator, 017-7792994,

School Policies: Ms Sherine, Principal,

For emergency matters, parents may call anyone of the mobile numbers above or 011-28965151.

8. Contact Information
Parents are to notify the school promptly if there is a change of address and/or telephone numbers. The school records will be updated accordingly. In case of emergencies, such information is vital.

9. Notices/Circulars
Parents will be informed of school programmes and updates via written notices and circulars. Whatsapp messages may also be sent to parents through form teachers and the relevant department heads. Receipt of information may be indicated by way of submitting reply slips (like the onebelow) or replying ‘noted – Ref<******>’ through Whatsapp.

Students are expected to be alert and attentive and jot down information in their student handbook so that they can relate accurate information to their parents/guardians.

We thank you for your cooperation and continuous support.

In partnership,

Sherine Ben-Yahya
Head of School

Chinese New Year Celebration 2017

Principal’s Speech on CNY 2017 Celebration Day

Just last week, during our preparation for today’s celebration, a poster caught Mr Azhar’s and my attention. Its headline was: Happy Chicken New Year. I thought there was something seriously wrong and weird about it. Isn’t it supposed to be the year of the rooster? So we read the text of the poster and found out that The zodiac sign is Chicken or Rooster. However, on the Chinese Horoscope Calendar, 2017 is the Female Fire Chicken year, which comes only every 60 years. Hence, it is a very special year for us.

I learnt something from there…sometimes when we look at something strange and different…we have come to understand it more in order for us to appreciate it.

Children and youths, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome our new friends to the Starclub family. Those who have been with us…they truly understand the culture of Starclub.

The traits of a Starclub student – full of aspiration, confident, dare to be different, always aiming high, and will eventually achieve.

Yet, a Starclub student is humble, respects others regardless of who they are and always contributing to the peers, school and society in every way he or she can.

As a whole, Starclub values not only academic excellence but also positive and strong character that will take you a long way.

Here, today, we celebrate Chinese New Year, we celebrate our cultural differences, we celebrate togetherness.

My heartfelt wishes to the Chinese students and to all of you a happy Chicken New Year. I’m sure this year we are going to have a finger-licking good year.

Ms. Sherine, Principal

A Letter from The Principal

Dear Parents,

I would like to officially welcome you to 2017 Academic Year! For those of you who are new to our school, I would like you to know that you are coming to an absolutely wonderful place.

A lot of exciting things are on our way this year. There will be major improvements in terms of our building and infrastructure, meals and transport services and activities, all to facilitate your children’s education.

Though not all our facilities (science labs, library, music room etc) are ready in the first quarter of the year, renovation works will progress until the 2nd term. Parents may be assured that lessons will be delivered as planned.The good news is that our classrooms are now well-equipped with computers, sound system and even interactive whiteboards to aid and enhance teaching and learning. I’m sure your children will have an enjoyable learning experience.

Our teachers and staff are passionate, caring, hardworking, and always learning something new for the benefit of your children. We are a collaborative and driven group of people who take learning seriously while also making personal connections that help our students succeed.

When it comes to our children’s learning progress, I believe strongly in strong relationships between school and home, and hence this year I would like to focus on improving our communication channels between parents and school. As the head of school, my door is always open to your feedback and input.

I look forward to working with you and your child. Let’s embark on this journey to excellence!

In partnership,

Sherine Ben-Yahya
Head of Starclub International Private School

Bowling Day